November 3, 2010

BARNEY FRANK SURVIVED SEAN BIELAT’S CHALLENGE, but as this “train-wreck” victory speech demonstrates, it really got under his skin and he’s lashing out in what looks more like an angry concession speech. I think Barney Frank is actually hurt that he had to take it, not just dish it out this time around. But the Tea Party movement has not yet begun to dish . . . .

But Frank’s childish behavior provides a good lesson in how to deal with the political class. Mock them, and don’t treat them with the respect they — wrongly — feel is their due. They’re not used to being challenged. Keep it up, and odds are they’ll either quit, or embarrass themselves fatally.

UPDATE: Reader Kevin Greene emails: “Remember, Glenn … Barney Frank had to shell out $200,000 of his own money to fund his last-minute commercials since nobody wants to donate to him any more. That’s gotta STING!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Robert Ferrigno writes: “I think you’re missing the real roots of Barney’s rage. Yes he won, but now he’s no longer the chairman of the house banking committee. He’s just another backbencher. That’s what he’s angry at.”

MORE: Reader Diane Allocco writes:

I think Barney is still cranky that he had to campaign without scorn and condescension toward his opponent. Frank’s entire intellectual stance is that any opponent or interlocutor is an idiot. This tactic was denied him by the obvious intellectual seriousness and experiential heft (harvard, even) of Beilat. Sneering derision is the anchor of Frank’s soul; it is the coherence principle of his personality. For the first time in his adult life, I’d bet, he couldn’t deploy it — not sure he will ever recover.

Well, that’s just tragic.

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