October 21, 2010

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Juan Williams, Victim Of Change.

Related: NPR CEO: That Black Man is Crazy! “NPR CEO: Williams’ Views Should Stay Between Himself And ‘His Psychiatrist’.”

Plus: Lefty Blogger: Juan Williams Was Fox News’ “Lawn Jockey.”

UPDATE: Juan Williams speaks: “I was fired for telling the truth.”

MORE: I See White People: Juan Williams Firing Leaves Sudden Lack Of Diversity On Air at NPR. Racists.

Plus, a reader emails: “I worked at a wall street firm. If someone had called and asked why I fired a person, and I responded ‘that’s between his psychiatrist and him’, can you imagine the liability?”

And reader Allen S. Thorpe writes: “Has anybody in the media made this big a gaffe since Dan Rather defended those fake TANG documents?”

It does seem like a serious misstep.

STILL MORE: Juan Williams And The Preference Cascade. “Juan Williams came too close to understanding ideas he was supposed to hate. The Left is deathly afraid of what happens when its constituents begin to understand the Right. They didn’t like the idea of millions watching an NPR contributor break the biohazard seal on strictly quarantined ideas.”

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