October 19, 2010

WOW. Just heard Limbaugh’s opening monologue, where he gave the GOP establishment both barrels. Seems he doesn’t just fear a return to business-as-usual after November, but actually expects it. He’s openly warning that this will create a third party for 2012. I’ve issued the same kind of warnings myself, but he seemed a lot more . . . definite about it. I wonder what he knows that I don’t?

UPDATE: Reader Drew Kelley writes: “Could it be that he would commit himself to actually leading a revolt out of the party, and the creation – nationwide – of a viable third-party? 20-million weekly listeners is a powerful tool to create a social movement, 3-hours a day, 5-days a week, with rallies and fundraisers on Sat’s & Sun’s – and, he’s got his own jet.”

He brings more to the table than Ross Perot did, and the ground is far more fertile.

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