October 17, 2010

MOSQUE VICTIMIZED by shameful “Bacon Attack.”

Can we get Pat Benatar to record Stop Using Pork As A Weapon? Bacon is supposed to be something . . . sacred. On the other hand, things could be worse.

It occurs to me that right after 9/11 we saw the beginning of anti-mosque demonstrations but those quickly dissipated. Why? Probably because right after this march, we had Bush’s WTC bullhorn speech and people started to feel confident that Bush would protect the country. With less confidence in Obama, are they resorting to self-help? It’s a long way from bacon to beheadings, of course, but a sense that the powers-that-be can’t be trusted to protect the country is dangerous and destabilizing.

UPDATE: Reader Steven Dzik writes:

The responsilibity for the bacon attack lies with the people who did the attack and the people who have whipped up hysteria against the Islamic religion. Obama’s appalling lack of leadership is not an excuse. I have been shocked at some of the anti-Moslem bigotry coming out of the conservative movement recently. Conservative leaders have to do what Bush did, explain the difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism to their followers.

Hmm. I don’t exactly disagree, but . . . if Obama’s “appalling lack of leadership” is not an excuse, then whence comes the responsibility for “conservative leaders?” I think a general lack of confidence in the ruling class is behind this, and I don’t think a just-words approach will do much good, though better ones would be a start.

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