October 8, 2010

REMEMBER, THEY’RE STILL COMMIES: Chinese Police Force Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Wife To Leave Home. The winner himself, of course, is in a dungeon. Just because they sold you an iPhone doesn’t mean they’re for freedom.

UPDATE: Reader David Gerstman writes:

Last year Thomas Friedman was writing that America needed to be more like China and adopt one-party democracy.

Two weeks ago he told us that America needs to be more like China and adopt green technologies.

Yes, this Thomas Friedman.

So now can we expect a Thomas Friedman column telling America to adopt the policy of harrassing the families of Nobel Prize winning dissidents? I guess not, we don’t have Nobel Prize winning dissidents here; political opposition is legal here. Still do you think that we might see a Friedman column soon condemning China? Or is China’s enlightened leadership above criticism in Tom’s benighted opinion?

They’re above criticism so long as he holds the Walter Duranty Chair at the NYT.

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