October 8, 2010

MEGAN MCARDLE: Two Years in, Obama Still Has an Unemployment Problem. “It’s been almost two years since Obama was elected, and payrolls are still dropping. The economy lost 95,000 jobs in September, and unemployment stayed at 9.6% only because we’re losing workers from the workforce; people who don’t think that they can find a job are simply dropping out. Even though I was worried about a hard crash, I find it hard to believe that almost halfway through Obama’s first term, we’re still losing jobs.”

Try reading Federalist No. 62.

UPDATE: A reader — and high school friend — emails:

Obama doesn’t have an unemployment problem. He still has a job ( for now ).

I, and millions like me, have an unemployment problem.

Obama just likes to opine about other people’s difficulties … without participating himself. This appears to be the story of his life. The community organizer living in the big house.


PS: Federalist No. 62 sounds like a whiskey. Mmmmmm! Old Federalist!

Now there’s a way to popularize Constitutional literacy!

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