September 30, 2010

HEY, IF YOU’RE GOING TO CHECK OUT THE SIEU RALLY IN DC ON SATURDAY, please try to get me an overhead photo so we can measure the crowd.

UPDATE: A reader emails that the SEIU folks will be parking buses in the Pentagon’s North Lot for this rally, and asks if that’s legal. I have no idea. Anyone know anything about this?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Donald Sensing writes: “Yes, it’s legal to park those buses in the Pentagon’s parking lot. It would never happen on a weekday, of course. When I was stationed in the Pentagon from 90-93, not just ralliers’ buses but ordinary tour buses parked in the lot on weekends. In fact, tourists in their cars did, too, then took the Metro into town. Of course, this was before 9/11 and car bombs and all that. I would presume that nowadays bus companies have to get DOD’s permission (or perhaps just that of the Military District of Washington), but it’s not a legal matter, just administrative.”

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