September 16, 2010

I SIGNED UP, BUT ALL I’M GETTING IS BULLSHIT SPAM, NOT THE PROMISED INFO ON HOW TO ORDER ONE: Who’s ordering the Nissan Leaf? Bill Nye, Alyssa Milano, wealthy baby boomers and perhaps even you. Really, it’s pathetic.

UPDATE: Donald Sensing writes: You are going to buy the new Nissan Leaf whether you want to or not. “Taxpayers will subsidize this car to about one-third of its sale price. Every time you see a Leaf drive by, you’ll know someone else is driving it thanks to you. Once again, a technology and product that has no natural market is being favored by the political class at the expense of the rest of us.”

So instead of one of those Honk If You’re Paying My Mortgage bumperstickers, I’ll need one that says Honk If You’re Paying For My Car!

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