September 14, 2010

SO THEY’RE CALLING IT FOR CHRISTINE O’DONNELL: It’s yet another win for the Tea Party crowd over G.O.P. insiders. O’Donnell polls weaker than Castle against her Democratic opponent, but just by winning the nomination she’ll probably get a bump. As I mentioned before, the real question is whether people will pull together and strive for harmony now. Will they? That’ll be a major test for the opposition’s seriousness this election cycle.

UPDATE: Related thoughts from Sissy Willis. And doesn’t Mike Castle wish he’d gotten on board with the Tea Party a year ago? And isn’t that a lesson for other folks?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Whatever else you do, read this from Doctor Zero.

MORE: How O’Donnell Pulled It Off.

Plus, from Ann Althouse: “I don’t know that much about O’Donnell, but I was dismayed by efforts to portray her as unstable because she went to court after she was subjected to what she thought was sex discrimination. And I don’t know much about Castle, but why was a 70-year-old man running for a first term in the Senate? That struck me as self-centered vanity at odds with the interests of his party.”

And reader Kevin Greene emails:

“… the real question is whether people will pull together and strive for harmony now. Will they?”

Geez, Glenn. I don’t know. Why don’t you ask sore loser Lisa Murkowski … who just can’t seem to let go of power.

It’s not enough, seemingly, to vote these people out. We have to stomp on them for them to get the message.

Ouch. Well, then they can’t complain about the stomping.

STILL MORE: Prof. Jacobson: Unite For November.

Plus: “Voters want authenticity. That’s why Murkowski lost. That’s why Castle lost.”

MORE STILL: Uh Oh: “Expect more Washington Republicans to start sounding like Tea Party-bashing libs as their entrenched incumbent friends go down.” They’ll willingly sacrifice their principles — but not their friends? . . .

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