September 12, 2010

READER JOSEPH GERWIN sends this picture of the St. Louis Tea Party rally under the Gateway Arch.

And there’s much more coverage at — where else? — Gateway Pundit.

UPDATE: Also, Stacy McCain et al. report from the D.C. Rally.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Liveblogging from Sacramento.

MORE: Reader Bill Lux reports from the St. Louis Tea Party:

I just spent a couple hours there. Wow. What a difference from the first one. Back then, it was just over 1000 people standing on the steps listening to speakers who were standing among them using a cheap bullhorn. Now, well look at the pictures. Full stage. Music. Concessions. And still just the nicest bunch of people you could possibly meet. A great time.

Yes, people have learned how to put on an event, and the base of support has gotten a lot bigger.

STILL MORE: A reader from DC writes:

At the 9/12 rally in DC the only people with inflammatory signs were the LaRouche democrats (Obama with a Hitler moustache). It was unfortunate, as they will probably be portrayed by the media as Tea Partiers – which, when I objected to their sign, they told me clearly they were not.

Yes, the press won’t try to provide “context” here.

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