August 31, 2010

ROB PORT: Joe Miller’s primary victory illustrates problem with GOP. “During an election cycle in which its clear that the American electorate wants change, you would think that the Republicans would embrace change within their own party. At a time when Americans are sick and tired of the status quo in Washington DC, Miller’s victory in Alaska represents voters demanding that change with their votes. What business do national Republicans have being hostile toward the candidate Republican voters in Alaska voted to represent them in the election? That there is apparent hostility speaks to the fact that Republicans still aren’t getting it.”

Hey, Murkowski was an insider, and part of a dynasty. National GOP folks like that. And this is why I like seeing Tea Party activists take over the party from the ground up. All those precinct-chair and state-committee things really matter, and theyll matter more over coming years.

UPDATE: Tea Party Wins One In Alaska.

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