August 28, 2010

A READER PHOTO FROM WASHINGTON: Reader Tom K. is at the Glenn Beck event in DC and sends this picture. He writes:

Your namesake’s event is overwhelming in the number of people here. Accents and flags from every corner of the USA but not a single protest sign in sight. If CNN finds an angry protester, that might be the lone one.

The photo attached can’t do justice to the magnitude of the turnout. The only imagery I can conjure is the protest scene in “Forrest Gump” with many more added.

I can’t wait to hear the MSM’s description of the turnout.

Something along the lines of “Scores gathered near the Lincoln Memorial today . . . ” Somebody try to get me an overhead shot.

UPDATE: Lots of people are sending me this overhead shot:

More here. Not sure of the original source, though.

And reader Justene Adamec cries foul: “The picture on the Post article makes it look like a couple of dozen are there, despite the headline about thousands.”

MORE: Overhead photo comes from the AP.

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