July 31, 2010

MEA CULPA: Anderson Cooper Says He Was Wrong to Let Shirley Sherrod Smear of Andrew Breitbart Go Unchallenged. “Cooper now says he should have challenged Sherrod to support such an inflammatory charge with facts: ‘I believe in admitting my mistakes….I didn’t challenge her that night and I should have.'” Why didn’t he, then? Was he afraid to challenge a black woman talking about racism? Well, at least his learned his lesson, as have many. It was a teachable moment on race, I guess, just like the President wanted. . . .

UPDATE: A Reminder from Prof. Jacobson: The Original Sherrod Clip Was Not “False.” “The clip itself was what it was. No one is claiming that the words were changed or edited within the time span shown on the clip. The original Sherrod clip was no worse, and in many ways much more fair, than the clips and words taken out of context that we see every day at Democratic media machines.”

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