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July 26, 2010

THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND, if you were off, you know, having a life or something

Stephen Green on Obama and the race card.

House Democrat calls on Charlie Rangel to resign. Plus, from Tunku Varadarajan, Charlie Rangel is toast.

Randy Barnett is interviewed in the WSJ on ObamaCare and the Constitution.

Writing on Elena Kagan, lefty Paul Campos channels Angelo Codevilla.

New deficit numbers released Friday afternoon look worse, not better.

Taxes are for the little people, not John Kerry.

Andrew Breitbart: Where are the firings at Politico or Bloomberg News? Related: Prof. Jacobson is still waiting for apologies.

Arnold Kling: “The Internet serves as a constant reminder of the wisdom of Hayek.”

It’s not just John Kerry with a yacht problem: Florida Senate candidate Jeff Greene has one too. Tax avoidance plus coral-reef destruction. A two-fer!

James Carville slams Obama on drilling moratorium.

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