July 23, 2010

SUING BLOGGERS: This seems like a poor business plan to me. On the other hand, if your real goal is to silence the blogosphere . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Joseph Dorsett writes:

The main way that Righthaven can be finding these blogs is through analyzing traffic sources. The solution for that is to not use any media generated by Stephens Media. No links at all. No links to AP generated content either. There is so much material on the web that there is no need to link (and send traffic) to any organization inimical to the blogosphere.

Clearly these people have no idea on how consumers find their website and how traffic affects their ad revenue. As circulation of Dead Tree News declines it will be interesting to see if rags like The Review-Journal survive by biting the hand that feeds it.

Yeah, don’t look for me to send ’em much traffic in the future.

UPDATE: Some thoughts from copyright lawyer Ron Coleman.

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