July 22, 2010

JOURNOLIST UPDATE: A Note to All the Non-JList Reporters. “To all you non-JournoLister reporters out there, please be aware that your credibility has just taken a big hit, because we, your faithful readers, don’t actually know who is or who isn’t. You can thank JournoList for that, you can thank Ezra Klein, and you can thank the Washington Post, which has done its outstanding professionals absolutely no favors in any of this. . . . Peter Finn, I have long admired your reporting, and I admit it was an unfair gut check that made me wonder, are you JList and will it affect this story. I apologize for the unworthy thought, and I am entirely serious in saying so. But I am equally serious in saying that the JList compadres have made it (for you and everyone else, since I have no idea who was on the list) an uncheckable reflex just the same.”

UPDATE: Reader Brian Torrez writes: “What I would like to know is how much did the J-List folks officially and unofficially coordinate with Obama’s campaign?”

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