July 18, 2010

SCOTT JOHNSON ON THE NEW BLACK PANTHER CASE: “I think this should be a big story, and I know it would be viewed as a scandal of epic proportions to which we would be treated on a daily basis if a similar story arose in a Republican administration. It is the sickening double standard of the mainstream media that adds the frisson of disgust to what is otherwise an interesting story in itself.”

Plus, Jan Crawford looks at things, and the Washington Post’s ombudsman wonders why his paper has ignored the story.

UPDATE: Reader Luke Pingel writes:

Glenn, I’ve written to you before, and you’ve even quoted me on the blog a few times. But, it’s always been snark. Not this time

Frisson, my ass! What is Scott Johnson smoking? Frisson?!!?? No fancy French-sounding, high-falutin’ BULLSHIT words can describe my ABSOLUTE SEETHING RAGE at this ENORMITY! This is an absolutely impeachable and an affront to the dignity and liberty of every American! This is a state-sanctioned denial of the civil rights of every voter! Tar and Feathers is just the start!

It takes me from being an intensely interested voter and turns me into a volunteer for my local anti-Democrat-machine politician. I’ve never been involved in any form of political activism. Ever. I’ve always had better things to do with my time. But this? This sealed the deal. I’ve pledged to volunteer a minimum of 100 hours between now and November with whatever local Tea Party organization.


A lot of people seem upset by this. I think the DoJ is oblivious to the response among a large number of Americans. But then, they seem to be oblivious to a lot.

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