June 29, 2010

DAN RIEHL SAYS THE GOP IS BLOWING IT: “The DNC gets new media in ways the GOP still refuses to embrace. It’s intent on controlling the narrative, while the DNC is more interested in fueling constituent and blog-based activism from the Left. Democrat-aligned parties have also funded the mechanisms to accomplish it. You can go to even deeply Red districts and find an activist infrastructure on the Left, often blog-based. Meanwhile, GOP campaigns pay consultants to send out annoying spam emails to every blogger under the sun.” That does sound right to me.

UPDATE: Reader Matthew Bowdish writes:

I completely agree. I am a physician incensed about ObamaCare and I have given more money to Republican candidates this year than ever before. I have also repeatedly offered to personally help two Congressional campaigns here in Colorado, without even a peep back from either campaign. One of my colleagues in Michigan told me that she had the same experience. Yes, they are perfectly happy to send us fundraising emails every two days…But why not take advantage of people who are very educated on the health bill and motivated to assist them in fighting those who voted for ObamaCare?

They’re afraid of losing control.

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