October 2, 2008


So, who won?
Gwen Ifill
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UPDATE: From the comments: ‘Wow, Ifill tried to associate Palin with Dick Cheney and managed to give Biden the last word on every issue. Amazing.” I thought Ifill was reasonably fair. But the whole Cheney thing just served to let Biden make a fool of himself on the Constitution. If Palin had made those mistakes, the press would be having a field day. I predict that Biden’s multiple constitutional errors will go unmentioned.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Frank Luntz’s focus group thought it was Palin by a mile. Luntz predicts a big shift in the polls toward McCain over the next few days. We’ll see.

Dan Riehl looks at reactions.

Plus, correcting Biden’s math on Afghanistan. Also here.

FINALLY: From the comments: “Palin won this debate quite handily. But give the MSM a day or two and they’ll convince most people that Biden blew the doors off poor ignorant Sarah.”

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