August 29, 2008

TALKLEFT OFFERS SOUND ADVICE: “I would add that Obama does not need to be arguing how important experience is. Let me also add that when Tim Kaine, who has exactly the same experience as Palin, was treated by the Media and the Dems as a serious and acceptable potential pick, it opens up charges of a double standard.”

But not groovin’ on Palin much. “My first reaction to John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for VP: He just gave the election to Barack Obama.”

UPDATE: The ever-cheerful Allah offers one-stop shopping for Palin Pick Pessimism.

MORE: What Christian bloggers are saying.

STILL MORE: A look at the headlines.

Plus, when Hillarygate and Bittergate collide.

And some more thoughts from Aunt B.

MORE STILL: Hillary strikes back.

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