August 11, 2008

TIGERHAWK WONDERS why the Euro is dropping against the dollar. There are lots of economic explanations, but I know the real reason: I bought some Euros. Just a few thousand, against a potential trip to Paris later this year, but — on the exact day (and, I think, the precise hour) that I did that — the Euro began a fall that has continued to this day. So, what else should I buy to move the global economy in a more favorable direction? Shares of Gazprom?

UPDATE: Reader Tom Armstrong emails: “Persian rugs, Russian caviar, Chinese food, a copy of Audacity of Hope…” I’m not made of money, you know! But I think my magic only works on investments. I’m thinking of branching out into corporate blackmail: “Nice little stock price you’ve got there. It’d be a shame if I were to buy a few shares . . . .

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