June 30, 2008

GET READY FOR THE OBAMA IRAQ PIVOT: It’s got to come soon, when you can read this kind of thing in The New Yorker:

In February, 2007, when Barack Obama declared that he was running for President, violence in Iraq had reached apocalyptic levels, and he based his candidacy, in part, on a bold promise to begin a rapid withdrawal of American forces upon taking office. At the time, this pledge represented conventional thinking among Democrats and was guaranteed to play well with primary voters. But in the year and a half since then two improbable, though not unforeseeable, events have occurred: Obama has won the Democratic nomination, and Iraq, despite myriad crises, has begun to stabilize. With the general election four months away, Obama’s rhetoric on the topic now seems outdated and out of touch, and the nominee-apparent may have a political problem concerning the very issue that did so much to bring him this far.

It’s about time, since it’s nearly July.

UPDATE: Reader David Fleeger emails: “It was interesting that the author of the article in The New Yorker claimed that the US success in Iraq was mostly the result of luck. Even when trying to walk Obama back from the edge of disaster, the MSM is still stuck on stupid.”

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