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April 29, 2008

HEY, MAYBE PHOTO ID REQUIREMENTS REALLY DO HURT MINORITY VOTERS: Reader Matt Szekeley sends this about the Texas Democratic Caucuses. Local Obama supporters get tripped up by the Texas Two-Step:

One bitter point of contention involved the verification process. Each participant needed to provide photo identification and a stamped voter card, proving that they’d cast a ballot in the Democratic primary. Attempting to follow the guidelines in the packet, Gonzalez pointed out that anyone in line without a stamped card needed to be marked “Provisional.” If the person in question supported Clinton, Gonzalez says she’d find herself bombarded with complaints from Clinton volunteers.

But it all evens out: “Perhaps because the caucus system worked so well for Obama at the statewide level, campaign reps don’t seem too eager to investigate local irregularities.”

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