January 30, 2008

JENNIFER RUBIN: What will Rush, Hugh say if McCain wins? They really don’t like McCain, but will they try to play spoiler? Some related thoughts here.

Meanwhile, I have to note that whenever I turn on talk radio I hear a caller lamenting Fred Thompson’s absence from the race. I have to wonder, though, just how many of those people actually donated money or volunteered in his campaign.

UPDATE: Advice from The Anchoress: Chill for a bit.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Related thoughts here.

And reader Troy Hinrichs emails: “Hugh Hewitt has said, ad nauseum, on his radio show that if McCain wins the nomination he will vote for McCain and those who withhold their vote are basically dolts for doing so.” I haven’t heard his show lately — it isn’t on in Knoxville at the moment.

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