December 31, 2007

JOE TOBACCO endorses Hillary.

Meanwhile, Ralph Nader endorses Edwards.

UPDATE: Tom Smith isn’t bullish on Hillary: “As much as I am sure I would not like the policies of the Democrats in the White House, mostly I just don’t want the spectacle of Hillary and Bill back in the White House. I’m still not over the Starr Report, which I wish I had never read, like one of those websites you are sorry to have stumbled upon. Call it right wing paranoia, but I thought the Clintons brought to public life a degree of ruthlessness that appalled many of even the hardened souls in DC, and I was in DC for about half of the Bill years. I would much prefer Obama or even Edwards. It would take either of them years to build the private army the Clintons have at their disposal.” This is the Insta-Wife’s take.

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