November 30, 2007

HARVARD CRIMSON: Repeal the Second Amendment.

Rand Simberg calls it “sophomoric,” adding: “But perhaps it’s forgivable, since it was probably written by actual sophomores.” He also notes that calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment are implicit admissions that the Second Amendment is an actual barrier to gun control. Indeed.

UPDATE: Reader Thomas Baker emails:

I read the article calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment in the Harvard Crimson. While poorly reasoned, it is a huge leap forward in intellectual honesty for the gun control movement as it impliedly acknowledges an individual right.

However, the authors obviously believe that the right was initially thought necessary because of foreign threats. As I’m sure you are aware, the primary purpose of the Second Amendment was to protect the citizenry from tyrannical government here at home. That students at a top university are so ignorant of their nation’s history is disturbing.

I wonder if I currently enjoy any other constitutionally guaranteed rights that the editors of the Harvard Crimson believe I no longer need? I wonder how bold they would be in trying to strip them away after confiscating my firearms? Scary.

To you. They no doubt believe that Harvard grads will be among the strippers, not the stripees. Which I’ll admit is more likely, if the rest of the populace weren’t armed.

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