November 28, 2007


And more from David Weigel.

UPDATE: Much more at RedState. And rare praise for McCain at The Corner.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Live-videoblogging at Team Thompson.

MORE: Liveblogging at the Bitch Girls, where the gun questions went over well.

STILL MORE: Dan Riehl thinks Huckabee is now in the top tier.

Say, didn’t the Huckabee surge start shortly after he did this interview? Yeah, that’s it. . . .

And here’s McCain video.

MORE STILL: D’oh! Stephen Green has been “drunkblogging.” How did I miss that?

STILL MORE: McCain gets off another one: “If we’d done what the Democrats wanted to do six months ago, Al Queda would be telling the world, ‘we beat America.'”

And SayUncle emails:

Line of the night from Fred Thompson on guns: I own a couple but I’m not gonna tell you what they are or where they are.

That’s an indication Fred knows guns.

It was better than Romney’s “I didn’t inhale” answer, too.

EVEN MORE: SayUncle follows up: “I was impressed that Giuliani really did his homework on Parker/Heller. He still seems to think there’s some urban exception to the Second Amendment. He didn’t convince me but he knew his stuff.”

And I love the Mars question.

FINALLY: Hillary manages to plant a question! Shockingly, it slipped past CNN’s google abilities.

And lots more observations from Bob Krumm.

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