July 18, 2007

WORST CONGRESS EVER? “14% job approval. Nixon did better. On the day he left office!”

As I’ve noted before, this has gone past the point of being funny. It’s really worrisome.

UPDATE: Reader Ranald Hay takes a contrary view on Congress:

With due respect, this may be the finest congress in living memory. They’ve gotten almost NOTHING done, and little seems possible until ’09.

Good point!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Richard Aubrey is less positive:

To repeat:

Civil institutions falling apart. The military is the most trusted institution in the country. The only institution which comes close in efficiency is ad hoc packs, and they don’t hear about each other or themselves. They don’t know what they can do until they do it, are forced to do it by the failure of formal institutions.

This is scary.

Yeah, that’s more my take.

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