June 29, 2007

porkbustersnewsm.jpgPORKBUSTERS UPDATE: It seems that we’re still a long way from transparency:

When it comes to elected officials and earmarks, the policy seems to be the less said the better.

This time the cold shoulder is coming from the Senate, which, like members of the House of Representatives, don’t want the public to know which pet projects they want taxpayers to fund.

Since Monday, CNN has called — or tried to call — all 100 senators, asking them if they would release their 2008 earmark requests. More often then not, calls were immediately sent to voice mail and never returned. (Watch how senators responded to questions about earmarks Video)

Only six senators gave us their requests and five said they made no earmark requests. Nineteen said they would not give us their requests and 70 did not return calls.

It’s not like they work for us, or anything.

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