January 31, 2007

BACK BEFORE THE ELECTIONS, I wondered if the Republicans suffered from some sort of “bizarre death wish.” Hugh Hewitt thinks it’s getting worse.

And reader C.J. Burch writes:

The Repubs are on very dangerous ground here I think. Any Sox fan can tell you this. It is very easy to really, really hate people you once loved when you feel they have betrayed you. (Think Roger Clemens, Sox fans) The Republican base isn’t going to get over this, I don’t think…not ever. Of course the winners will be conservative Southern Democrats, and there are still some around. Folks like Jim Marshall here in Georgia will step into the vacume just fine. The Democrats took the South for granted and tossed it away. Looks like the Repubs are trying the same gambit. If they don’t think southern (Jacksonian) voters will find somehwere else to go they’ve lost their minds.

I realize that you go to war with the political class you have, but still. . . .

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