Ed Driscoll

Say, What About Major Kong?

Slim Pickens indeed, as this Photoshop pretty much says it all. Dr. Strangelove was Swiftian satire created in an era in which both primary nuclear powers understood the dangers of Mutual Assured Destruction, but as brilliant as the film is, the fall of the Soviet Union made it a period piece.

Black Five explores a world that is infinitely more dangerous than the Cold War era, as one by one, as assortment of lunatic petty tyrants will be adding The Bomb to their arsenals, and their neighbors (starting, ASAP, with Japan) will want to reciprocate.

On the other hand, this is somewhat reassuring: “NORK Nuclear Test: It’s A Dud“.

Update: The Professor writes, “I know that in the real world he’s a nasty murderer. But no matter how hard Kim tries to act like a badass, he just comes across as a sort of Austin Powers villain”.


Flashback: A CNS News article from April of 2000 is titled, “U.S. Aid Helps N. Korea Build Nukes, Congress Told“.

Say, who was president in 2000? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask