Back on Thursday, November 14, we wrote:

All these quotes [about the vast right wing media conspiracy] have to be launched via a talking points memo issued by the DNC–it really is the left’s new mantra…Between “conservative media bias” and the Barbra Streisand supported, “Republicans killed Paul Wellstone” theory, Democrats really risk becoming the new black helicopter set.


But hey…the truth is out there! (Somewhere left of the grassy knoll, probably.)

Today, on National Review Online’s Corner Weblog, Jonah Goldberg posts:


In the run-up to his presidential campaign then Vice-President George Herbert Walker Bush made the tactical decision to go after the — objectively — liberal media. It was a calculated ploy and it worked. Something similar seems to be going on with the Democrats these days. First Tom Daschle goes after Rush Limbaugh for reasons that can only have to do with the internal dynamics of the Democratic Party. Now, Al Gore gives this bizarre interview to the New York Observer which Kathryn posted below. Gore claims that the media is dominated by rightwingers. Call me crazy, but I bet you rank-and-file Democrats, the ones who vote in primaries, spend a lot of time fuming at Fox News. They are also staggered and bewildered that they are on the losing side of American political history and are in deep denial about it. So perhaps this is a theme that tests extremely well in Democratic focus groups. If so, expect a lot more of it.


Advantage, Ed! (And I agree with Jonah — this is a mantra with legs. Even if it’s absurdly silly: compare CNN, NBC, ABC,CBS, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, CNBC, and even “infotainment” channels like HBO, Bravo, Trio, Oxygen, Lifetime, etc., all on the left, with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, on the right.



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