Dr. Helen

Misandry is Everywhere

Recently, a reader of my book Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters wrote me with some thoughts on misandry:

Misandry. A word completely unknown to me until I read your book. I Googled it and dozens of pages came up. All said the same thing, hatred of men. I’d always known in the dark recesses of my mind that the odds were stacked against men, but perhaps didn’t acknowledge the scale of this hatred. It’s a bit like walking into a darkened room in which you know there are cockroaches. You can’t see how many and you’re stumbling around in the dark trying to find the lightswitch when all the time they’re crunching underfoot and dropping from the ceiling. You find the switch and “Oh my goodness! They’re everywhere”.

Your book certainly “switched the light on”, for me. Misandry is everywhere, it’s on the news, in newspapers, on TV, in movies, in advertizing and all over the Internet. It’s so pervasive that hardly anyone notices it. Mention misogyny and everyone knows its meaning. Misandry, you get blank stares. It will only come to an end when men and women take it seriously and stop trivializing female on male violence, or worse still, finding it funny.

I often wonder how misandry affects every stage of a boy or man’s life. From sitting in the back of the class hearing that he is a pervert as he struggles to understand the hostility against him to the college campus where he hears he is a rapist and oppressor to the divorce court that rapes him to the wish for him to die as an older man, it has to affect his mindset in a negative way. Most men say they tune out the negativity but the general health and well-being of men in our society says otherwise.