[WATCH] Daily Show Hilariously Mocks 'Epic News Bro' Chris Cuomo

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THAT Daily Show.

I have long had a love/hate relationship with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. I really enjoyed it for the few years that Craig Kilborn hosted it in the late ’90s. It was still a lot of fun when Jon Stewart took over. Stewart is one of those lefty comedians like Bill Maher who has never been afraid to call out and lampoon his own side from time to time. Both he and Maher understand that some of us on this side of the aisle are watching too.

Unfortunately, it was during Stewart’s tenure that a generation of young Americans began permanently confusing satire with real news. I don’t think this was anything Stewart did by design, but he definitely didn’t discourage it once he realized it was happening.

For reasons that we won’t get into now, Trevor Noah was hired to replace Stewart. Suffice to say that all of those reasons were the wrong ones, and the show has been almost unwatchable since then. Most of what Noah does isn’t comedy, it’s political propaganda. Unlike Stewart, Noah doesn’t occasionally skewer the Dems as a comedic palate cleanser to engage conservatives.

With one short video, The Daily Show may have just won me back.

In a mock profile that proves the show still has some writers who understand parody and satire, The Daily Show absolutely takes apart the national media farce that is Chris Cuomo. I mean, it’s not pretty. It is funny though. Titled: “Chris Cuomo: Epic News Bro,” the segment hits everything from his stupid catchphrase to his complete abandonment of journalistic ethics while playing footsie with his brother on CNN.

There are so many choice lines about Cuomo and his disgraced brother that I will probably watch this video several times over the next few days. One of my favorites is in response to Cuomo saying that his father — the late former governor of New York Mario Cuomo — was disappointed that he opted for journalism rather than politics.

Sucks for you dad, because little Chris was going to journalism harder than any journalist had ever journalisted before.”

One thing is certain: It’s open season on Clan Cuomo now. This is a recurring segment for The Daily Show, and — SURPRISE! — it’s usually focused on mocking Republicans.

I don’t care. Almost all is forgiven now.