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Rod Kackley is an award-winning radio and print journalist who covers statehouse news from around the nation for PJ Media. He is also a novelist who has recently launched The St. Isidore Collection, a psychological thriller series, which begins with the novel "A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection."

WRITTEN BY Rod Kackley
Rep. Barletta, who hopes to unseat Democratic Sen. Casey in November, predicted because of Mayor Kenney’s dance illegal immigration and Philly’s sanctuary city status would become “a big issue in this election.”
State's Democratic Party chairman wants to hear Parson “state unequivocally that LGBTQ Missourians are not going to hell.”
“It is irresponsible and negligent for Apple and Amazon to even consider North Carolina as the site for their new headquarters if this law moves forward,” said activist group.