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Rod Kackley is an award-winning radio and print journalist who covers statehouse news from around the nation for PJ Media. He is also a novelist who has recently launched The St. Isidore Collection, a psychological thriller series, which begins with the novel "A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection."

WRITTEN BY Rod Kackley
At the core of this conflict is a South Side Chicago church event — attended by both men — at which Willie Wilson was handing out cash and checks to parishioners.
Knute Buehler is not a fire-and-brimstone Trump loyalist, and has promised that if elected in November he’d keep Oregon pro-choice.
Frontrunner Tish James is in the Cuomo camp, while Fordham University professor Zephyr Teachout has been backed by Cynthia Nixon.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf “must be competing for the title of the most pro-abortion governor in the U.S.,” say pro-life PAC director.
Combat veteran, businessman, and Republican John James is President Trump’s choice to take on Stabenow in the general election.
Immigration, healthcare, the economy and gun control are at the top of voters’ minds going into Florida’s August primary.