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Rod Kackley is an award-winning radio and print journalist who covers statehouse news from around the nation for PJ Media. He is also a novelist who has recently launched The St. Isidore Collection, a psychological thriller series, which begins with the novel "A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection."

WRITTEN BY Rod Kackley
Gov. Greitens argues that St. Louis discrimination ordinance actually established it as “an abortion sanctuary city."
Opponents worry about ID theft and criminals taking advantage of non-binary option.
Proposed amendment holds out the possibility the state could be “sovereign and autonomous” instead of out of the U.S.
Flores opposes measures for guns on campus, guns in airports, guns in school zones.
Kasich has previously vetoed bill to stop an abortion the instant doctors detect a fetal heartbeat.
Sandoval has to decide on healthcare bill that's light on details but broad in scope.