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The War and Its Critics by Victor Davis Hanson

No Footnote Fever: “The last three books about the supposed mess in Iraq-Cobra II, Fiasco, and now State of Denial-violate every canon of intellectual courtesy.”
The State of Play in Iraq: “That we now have a consensual government fighting for its life against terrorists is nothing short of remarkable. Everything and everyone now hinge on the outcome.”
The Upside-Down Scandal: “Traditional moralists like some of the Republicans are defending a predatory pederast who seems to be infatuated with teen-age Congressional pages who are entrusted as near children to his care, while Democrats, who have made it a point not to criticize one’s “life-style” choices (remember the Barney Frank case) are suddenly outraged over the overly-liberal parameters in which Foley was allowed to operate.”

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