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Living in Glenn Beck's Imagination

Last summer, I met with Glenn Beck to discuss doing videos for his new enterprise GBTV.  As I sat in his office, the three televisions on the wall were playing different news channels.  On one, London was burning as a generation of entitled, unemployable louts looted working class shops to make no point whatsoever.  On another, the Dow Jones was in a graveyard spin.  On a third, the bodies of Navy Seals were being flown home from Afghanistan.  I glanced at the TV's and said, "Gee, Glenn, you're beginning to seem like a cockeyed optimist."  Some people say Beck is crazy.  Even he jokes about it.  But right now, it seems to me we are all living in Glenn Beck's imagination.  Worst case scenario:  he's crazy AND we're living in his imagination!  Anyway, here's a sampler of my Very Serious Commentary that GBTV put up on YouTube.  Otherwise, you got to subscribe.  A small price to pay to find out what's going to happen next.