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Ukraine Invades Ukraine

April 25th, 2014 - 10:19 am

Better than Russia doing it:

“There has been no suspension of the ATO in connection to the threat of invasion by Russia’s armed forces,” Mr. Avakov said, apparently responding to local news reports saying the operation had been called off because of the “heightened risk” of a Russian invasion. “The ATO goes on. The terrorists should be on their guard around the clock. Civilians have nothing to fear.”

Despite the minister’s warning, there have been no reports of renewed conflict since Ukrainian forces moved briefly against pro-Russian positions on Thursday in what Mr. Avakov, apparently playing down the action, described on Friday as an operation by “insignificant” government forces that had deployed “without the use of tanks or other heavy armor.”

Russia has repeatedly denied having a hand in the unrest convulsing eastern Ukraine or any intention to invade. But an announcement on Thursday by Moscow that it would immediately start military maneuvers along the border with Ukraine, and a threat by Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, of unspecified consequences for Ukraine as a result of what he called a “serious crime,” signaled a combustible new phase in a geopolitical struggle set off by the overthrow of Ukraine’s government in February.

Ukraine had a hard time holding itself together and couldn’t manage semi-decent governance, even when Moscow wasn’t applying constant pressure.

Somewhere in Moscow, Putin is playing a Russian cover of Average White Band’s “Pick Up The Pieces.”

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It's amazing how flexible a president can be when he's without a backbone, gotten past his re-election, and having zero foreign policy experience, can be.

Kinda puts Paul Krugman's own Nobel prize in perspective, too, doesn't it? Surely there's more to getting a Nobel prize these days than winning an election, not being George Bush, and *wanting* world peace really really badly, and willing to befriend murderous muslim regimes and russian oligarchs in the process. The Nobel prize has fallen to the level of a petty, hipster PC popularity contest that science fiction book awards have become.

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Would it be too much to ask Obama to make a statement that he expects Russia to respect Ukraine's sovereignty? I wonder if China will whisper in Putin's ear that he better shut the hell up about telling other countries how to handle their internal affairs.
44 weeks ago
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