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August 11, 2014 - 12:53 pm
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That’s what Ron Fournier would like to know.

After dismissing ISIS as al-Qaida’s “JV” team last fall, the president has awakened to the bloodcurdling threat. Last week, he ordered air strikes and air drops in northern Iraq to prevent genocide and to protect U.S. assets. The CIA is reportedly arming Kurds to fight the emerging Islamic state. The world is focused on whether the United States needs to do more, despite the reluctance of Obama and most Americans to recommit troops.

But I can’t shake another, darker, question. What if we get hit again with a 9/11-sized attack?More to the point, hypothetically, would a crisis pull us together or drive us apart? It’s a morbid question worth asking before the worst happens, because there’s reason to worry about the durability of what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.”

Fournier goes on to note that we’re more divided now than we were in 2001, that Bush and the GOP had a strategy to “defang” Democrats who criticized him after 9-11 (but Fournier does not explore what, if any, strategy the Democrats might have deployed to “defang” then then very popular Bush), and so forth.

The one player who all but escapes Fournier’s attentions is, incredibly, Barack Obama — the man who would have to do the rallying if we got hit again. Fournier devotes one paragraph — the following one — to Obama’s six years in the presidency.

Third, the Obama White House has proved to be self-generous and ruthless in its defense. When critics said his refusal to aid Syrian rebels helped embolden ISIS, Obama tartly called the analysis a “fantasy.” But it wasn’t just Republicans who made the case against him. Obama’s former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warmed up for a potential presidential bid by calling the Syria policy a failure.

The Obama White House, and Obama himself, has gone much farther than that. It began by running a DHS study positing that veterans and small-government activists might be terrorist threats. It moved from there to dividing the country neatly over its handling of Obamacare, and then added to the divisions by using Obamacare’s regulations to create the “war on women.” Along the way, Obama has told Hispanic voters to “punish” their “enemies,” by which Obama meant anyone who disagrees with him on immigration.

When his administration got caught in the IRS scandal, Obama at first expressed outrage, while fake-firing the acting IRS commissioner, and then declared the scandal “phony.”

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"Rallying behind Obama" would be the same as rallying behind Jihadists everywhere; he is one of them, not one of us.
This is the man who has given an open invitation -- by calling on ICE and our Border Patrol to stand down from their mission -- to murderers to cross our borders to do harm to the American people.
An open invitation. Would we rally behind him? Rally to do what? Join him in destroying us?
Stupid question this article poses.
29 weeks ago
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Did Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Danny Davis, the New Party, the Midwest Academy ..,rally around us on 9-11?

Now tell me...what do all of those have in common.

We were attacked I Ft Hood. How has Obama reacted?

The guys who attacked us and were held at Gitmo, how did Obama rally us?

When we were attacked in Benghazi, how did Obama rally us?

Seems to me Fournier already has his answer but keeps reshuffling the deck because he doesn't like the hand he keeps being dealt.

WE rally around the fallen and Obama lies about everything that went down.

He disappears, dissembles and lies. Sorry, that's not a rallying point. It's a point of no return.
29 weeks ago
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Would we rally behind Obama? Absolutely not. Because Obama wouldn't be there for us to rally WITH .

Obama would abandon America; he would instantly blame America and Americans for any attack. And he would do nothing in retaliation, nothing to lessen future attacks, for after all, it was all our fault anyway - and he, the Wise Man, was hapless to stop the evils of Congress, Bush, GOP, Tea Party and whatever....

Of course, he might not even know about it; he's told us that he doesn't hear of things until he's read the newspaper. But again, he's also told us that he never listens to or reads the media. And he's told us that the oceans will cease to rise; and that terrorism has been conquered; that we can keep our doctors and health insurance; that all it would take for peace is for Him to Talk With The Bad Guys;...and..gosh, he's told us a lot of things. I can't remember everything, especially since none of it has any basis in reality.
29 weeks ago
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All Comments   (63)
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In the event of a 9/11, if he was president, I would rally behind him...but, I wouldn't be happy about it.

I'd rather rally behind a president who places the interests of America and Americans above all else, and I would rather have a president who was competent...but, you work with what you have.
28 weeks ago
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I don't think he's anti-war. I believe he would welcome and embrace a (Civil) War. Think of the historical implications.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Whatever this administration says particularly this president, expect the complete opposite.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Whatever this administration says. Expect the complete opposite!
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
In a word: no.

He has caused the problems by his misrule and he and the Democrats should be sent into the political wilderness for a generation.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Why would we rally around Obama?
Unlike Bush II, he should be quite aware the threat exists. If his Regime failed to counter it, they should be dismissed and new administration that, hopefully, has America's interests at heart elected.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Obama hates Israel. He hates the United States as Founded. Notice what his operatives are attempting to do to both while he pretends to be above all the madness. Why on earth would anyone expect a serial divider to suddenly reverse course after a cataclysmic event? Phooey. He's far too big of an immature jackass to help anyone but himself.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
To rally behind someone, you have to have some shared vision, shared goals, shared hopes.
To rally behind someone, there has to be trust and respect.
To rally behind someone, he has to be leading in a direction people want to follow.
So no, Obama can't rally us. Obama can't rally us without fundamentally changing himself first.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
A too long unasked question by Americans.
Our enemies have surely be giving it much thought for years.
All of his betrayals???
Vindictiveness in response to betrayals is nearly universal in human nature. It is accepted and expected. Extreme emotional distress as mitigating in criminal law for betrayal through infidelity?*
No one sentient in America should trust tHe oNe in much of anything.
What is chilling and frightening is how he can always be DEPENDED upon to do worse things every time in almost anything.
[* Under UCMJ Article 99 - "abandoning your men to the enemy under fire" is punishable by death after conviction. Benghazi, anyone? The "thrown under the bus" pattern has not registered with the fiddytwoopers. "Can do, Sir" by our Deltas, SEALs, and CIA being dropped in to light up ISIL targets?]
29 weeks ago
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Rally behind a little tinpot dictator like Obama?

NO, and HELL, NO!

But I'd sure consider rallying around anyone with the balls to arrest and try him.
29 weeks ago
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