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Gary Oldman & the Right’s Latent Antisemitism

Just another Jew getting her panties in a bunch.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


June 30, 2014 - 1:00 pm
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We all know by now that actor Gary Oldman denounced political correctness in his recent interview with Playboy magazine. However, if you’re only a reader of conservative news sources, you most likely aren’t aware of the fact that Oldman dropped the n-word repeatedly, used a grotesque and derogatory slang word for the female anatomy, and included one of the oldest and most offensive Jewish American stereotypes in his rant:

Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him—and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough. He’s like an outcast, a leper, you know? But some Jewish guy in his office somewhere hasn’t turned and said, “That f***ing kraut” or “F*** those Germans,” whatever it is? We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That’s what gets me. It’s just the sheer hypocrisy of everyone, that we all stand on this thing going, “Isn’t that shocking?”

Conservative news readers couldn’t possibly be aware of these immoral platitudes because the story was covered in right-wing media with the following headlines:

Conservative Star Gary Oldman Denounces Liberal Hollywood, Hillary Clinton

Scott Whitlock, the senior news analyst for the Media Research Center, published a report in NewsBusters that focused on Oldman’s anti-Hillary comments and criticism of Obama. Whitlock prefaced Oldman’s quote about Pelosi being a “c**t” with the statement, “In the Playboy interview, Oldman used offensive and vulgar language to complain about political correctness.” The article was promoted on Facebook with the following statement: “What this Hollywood Star Just Said About Liberals Will Make You Stand and Cheer.”

Gary Oldman Rails Against PC “Crap,” Liberal Double Standards in Hollywood

Josh Feldman at Mediaite made Oldman’s grotesque comment regarding Nancy Pelosi the centerpiece of his short coverage of the now infamous Playboy interview. But when it came to the Hollywood Jews, he summarized Oldman’s antisemitic rant down to, “He said so many ‘f***ing hypocrites’ condemned Gibson, but they privately use words like he did.”

Gary Oldman Attacks Outrage Culture in Playboy, Gets Outraged Response

Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist crowed about reading “the entire interview” and quoted several excerpts, except for the ones about the Jews who run Hollywood, n*****s, and f*gs. Because those wouldn’t really help support her point that “people lost their everliving minds” over Oldman’s belief that “political correctness is crap,” a belief Hemingway and her editors at the Federalist wholeheartedly share.

Famous Actor’s Fiery Rant Against “Political Correctness,” Hollywood Double Standards — and His Theoretical Nancy Pelosi Joke Will Make Jaws Drop

Jason Howerton’s story from The Blaze did not originally include the comments. It was later “updated with additional comments from Oldman’s interview,” including the Hollywood comment that every other conservative-leaning news outlet I’ve found so far has failed to print.

When I confronted conservative friends over their defense of Oldman’s commentary, I was told that I was “getting my panties in a bunch” over being “noogie’d” for the greater good of the anti-PC campaign. When I asked what the dividing line was between being anti-PC and pro-antisemitism, I was told that I was insinuating that my friends were antisemitic, and therefore I should issue them an apology. Again, I pressed the question and, again, I received the same response: In essence, I was being a touchy, oversensitive Jew.

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I am a Jew.
I also grew up in the Soviet Union and, like my parents, faced real antisemitism more times than I can remember. Not "some actor somewhere said something unfair that hurt my tender feelings" type of antisemitism, but "getting beat up for having a non-Slavic nose" antisemitism, getting university admissions doors slammed in my face for the same reason, having my parents denied jobs, and so on.

Now, do you really want to continue with the pi$ing contest of who is a more profound victim, and who thus cannot relate to being a Jew, or would you rather consent to addressing my point?

That point being that you are condemning people, without evidence, who have not done or said anything antisemitic, solely because they haven't lynched some actor for repeating an old antisemitic stereotype?

P.S. Dragging Niemöller's quote into the context of Oldman's Playboy interview fiasco not only scores Godwin's Law against you.
It is simply obscene.
35 weeks ago
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I find this article very's hard to follow the argument what with all the half-quotes scatter-shot throughout. It doesn't help that the article ends with what sounds suspiciously like "Why aren't you all upset that you're all antisemites!?!"
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Aren't you purposefully equating "the Right's" supposed willingness to overlook certain embarrassing statements from their newfound hero (in order to support other, important-to-them ones), with agreement with those embarrassing statements?
And then pointing to that embarrassed silence as proof of "gross antisemitism within party ranks"?

Frankly, your leap of logic is intellectually dishonest.

Unless, maybe, you can point to groundswell of support "within party ranks" for those particular antisemitic statements of Oldman's? Not the usual youtube troll commentariat, mind you, but something that can be credibly identified as the Republican "party ranks." I didn't think so.

In that vein, would I be correct in assuming that in your book, every single Ron Paul voter is a raging antisemite? Or anybody who hasn't actively denounced him? I am a bit confused at what constitutes antisemitism in your mind.

If you want a witch hunt, go burn that dumb old actor at the stake for the tired antisemitic trope he's parroted. Stop attacking other people for something they have NOT done or said.
35 weeks ago
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Besides, Susan, you really need to worry about the 70% of American Jews who voted for Obama, and persist in undermining Israel while it's being rocketed by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Clean up your own mess of cognitive dissonance, instead of worrying about a few isolated nitwits. That looks like denial, or whining to the Reality Based Community.
33 weeks ago
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Susan. Gary Oldman is an idiot. As is Mel Gibson. As is Hymietown Jessie Jackson, as the Rev Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright's, and of the various Libertarian posters alleging NWO Chem trail conspiracies.

They are everywhere and don't speak for the GOP, Independents, or Dems.
Does that help?
33 weeks ago
33 weeks ago Link To Comment
Reading this article fills me with gloom.

Two hundred years ago in a corner of Austria, on one side of a mountainous border lived the German-speaking antecedents of Adolf Hitler. They taught their children to hate the slavs living on the other side of the mountain. This hatred was passed down from parent to child generation after generation.

Did the slavs on the other side of the mountain ever steal chickens from the Hitler side of the mountain? Probably. Did the Hitler family ever get even? Probably. Did raids do worse damage on either side? Probably. We will never know the particulars, but the pathological ethnic hatred of slavs by Adolf Hitler, future Chancellor of Germany, was sowed in his youth, and it is thoroughly documented that slavic enslavement was a goal in this sociopathic mind. According to the war time diaries of Joseph Goebbels 1942-43, Hitler pursued starvation of occupied slavic peoples except when authorizing Himmler to work them like subhumans in Himmler's camps. The murderous genocide of Jews and others is the major crime of the European war. The slavic slavery of WWII history was unknown to me until I read Goebbels diaries and Speer's books.

We live in America. We've started over. If one of my brother-in-law's Protestant ancestors disenfranchised my distant Irish Catholic ancestors and indirectly led to Uncle Paddy's family starving in the potato famine, that is speculation, though the famine was real. The "perps" are dead and God has already dealt with them.

I am afraid this writer is consumed today with historical grievances, perhaps more grievous emotions. I hope I am mistaken. The Hitler family hung onto and nursed their historical grievances, and their charismatic son used his amazing communication talents to further a get even mentality.

Dear writer, look into your heart. We're Americans. Contempt for white European-Americans can only lead to weakening of the American "center", the place where families reluctantly accept it when their sons sign up for the Navy seals to protect YOU. Your extraordinarily narrow definition of intolerance, if communicated to these families, may make it less likely their sons will think YOU are worthy to risk their lives.

By the bye, I leased an apartment in Brooklyn ten years ago and lived there three years. The neighbors were from the Meditteranean basin and what they think of your ancestors might surprise you. I didn't know what the Naqba meant - there were posters in the windows about the 60th anniversary of Israel and a shopkeeper informed me his views of Jews here and abroad. Friend, your worries ought not to be about Christians in America. American Christians have died for you because we share a country we all love.
34 weeks ago
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Thank you for your comments, Susan Goldman. I think all Jews need always to be concerned about anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it appears.

If Jews do run Hollywood, what is so bad about that? Was the dominance as a result of force or fraud or because audience like and what Hollywood produces? I think the "consent of the consumer" has given Jews dominance, not any nefarious plot.

Jewish disunity is almost a cliché for those unfamiliar with disputes among Jews themselves. I know of no monolith known as "The Jews". We could point out that Catholics "run" the Supreme Court. No one seems to have noticed until now. And what do Gary Oldham and Mel Gibson think about that?

34 weeks ago
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"Gary Oldman & the Right’s Latent Antisemitism"
Sorry, dumb title.
Not only dumb, but factually incorrect.
The left has done more to hurt the Jew and Israel, then the right could ever dream of.
34 weeks ago
34 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well, to tell you the truth, I'm a very Jewish Jew, in all ways..maybe not so much in looks, but one would know if they knew anything about Jews. BUT I would have to agree with Oldman, "anti-Semetic"(how I detest that word made up by Jew haters in Austria in the late 1900's) or not that there is a point to the statement that Jews own Hollywood. But really what is so bad about that?
Aren't there other fields that you see a predominance of other ethnic/racial groups? Yet, he really was wrong to in any way defend a true Jew hater like Gibson. One can speak out against "political correctness" without being a racist,anti-semite, mysoginist, gay basher, ect.. Goldman just used the wrong examples and he uses a very sloppy and vulgar speech, which, unfortunately has become the norm in many public forums.
As far as right wing types fostering a latent dislike for Jews, one should stay far from sin, and all good people should examine themselves for any of the prejudicial tendencies. It's easy for the most ancient hatred to express itself, especially when it is so endemic, even in our great freedom loving land.
To the author, never let someone say such a vulgar comment to you, it demeans the recipient, as well as the speaker.
34 weeks ago
34 weeks ago Link To Comment
Is it antisemitic for Oldman to say that Jews run Hollywood? It may be true, I don't know, and don't care. But in calling Pelosi a "c*nt" he speaks a fundamental truth.
34 weeks ago
34 weeks ago Link To Comment
This thread is beginning to remind me of that episode of Fawlty Towers where tourists from Germany are staying at the hotel and Fawlty can't resist subjecting them to crude impressions of Hitler and other gratuitous WWII references.

Finally, one of the Germans confronts him and says "Vill you stop talking about ze war?" Fawlty answers "Well you started it!". The German says "No Ve didn't." and Fawlty replies "Yes you did, you invaded Poland!"

Of course Fawlty was right on the facts. But the comedy relied on the assumption that the audience realized he was acting the fool.

At least he didn't say "I am not anti-German!"
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Let's take what the writer says as true.

What have the actions of the anti-Semite Right been that damage the jewish community?


I'm not sure I fall into the "Right." However, it seems more likely to find strong, vocal defense of Jewish religious freedom and of Israeli political decisions from the Right.

So, I guess I'm saying that the author can perceive Right anti-semitism because an actor said, "Jews run Hollywood" and Gentiles don't explode in condemnation.

What do the actions of the American Right (especially the evangelical Right) say, with respect to the Jews?

Personally, I think the folks on the Right are so used to having shots taken at them that they expect others to have thick skin.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
There is a large undercurrent of Anti-Christianism amongst Jews.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Ms. Goldberg, is that you trolling us? Or are you her twin?
Because aside from the polarity, it is hard to tell you two apart.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
That seems to be reasonably likely, and it's likely those who are imagine they are morally justified in feeling that way.
35 weeks ago
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