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Bryan Preston


August 29, 2013 - 10:42 am

This story is a very big deal.


As you can see in the screenshot, the Post obtained the information from Edward Snowden, who is now under temporary asylum in Russia. Anyone who still thinks Snowden is a hero or whistleblower should now reconsider. Leaking this material looks like enemy action, not whistleblowing.

A handful of obvious questions arise from this unprecedented exposure of America’s top secret operations budget. One, how did someone at Snowden’s level gain access to this information? He was not a high-level spy. He was a low-level contractor and should have been stovepiped out of access to this information. Who else besides him had access to it, who shouldn’t have? Now that he is in Russia, has he handed it to them, or to the Chinese who allowed him to travel from Hong Kong to Russia? In short, is our top secret “black budget” now a very open secret to our enemies?

None of those questions are partisan in nature. This might inspire some partisan questioning.

The leak tells our enemies — and Israel, I suppose, based on the above tweet — what we know and what we don’t know.

The governments of Iran, China and Russia are difficult to penetrate, but North Korea’s may be the most opaque. There are five “critical” gaps in U.S. intelligence about Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs, and analysts know virtually nothing about the intentions of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Some will say “disclosure is good.” But in this case, disclosure tips our enemies to our goals, capabilities, and gaps in what we know and can do. This disclosure is not good. It’s a very dangerous world out there and Snowden has just given our enemies significant insight into how we think and operate.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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I suspected he was more of a traitor than a mere whistleblower since the articles were piling up about his leaking information to China, one of our enemies, which does qualify as an act of treason regardless of reason. Heck, even the 14th Amendment mentioned this. This is only further proof.

While I do honor him for at least exposing Obama for what he is, that doesn't mean he's a loyal American. Don't forget, Robespierre did similar things to King Louis XVI, and he turned out to be even worse for France than Louis ever was. Another thing, his allying himself with that Marxist-Leninist cyberterrorist Julian Assange (and before anyone tries to claim he wasn't Marxist-Leninist, let me remind you that in an article for the Guardian, Assange made it very clear that his political outlook was for Marxism-Leninism when commenting about supporting liberation struggles in Central America). The fact that Ron Paul endorses him and that he is a Ron Paul supporter does not change that he is a traitor, pure and simple. For a guy who claimed himself to be a Constitutional Conservative, Ron Paul from what I saw of him is no different than the Left, and I'm doubtful that he's even libertarian (I had a libertarian teacher in Middle School, and even HE does not support drug usage), he just seems like a hard leftist to me, like George Lucas. I also have no support for people who effectively support communists, anyways. They tried to exterminate my fellow Christians.
33 weeks ago
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How's that "Congressional Oversight Committee" working out for We The "little" People HUH? HAH! American's still believe in this We The Elite People of culture of corruption in all of Washington DC!!!What a joke...when will America wake-up to the fact these corrupt lawmakers (making $174,000/year) continuously fool, lie and fleece We The "lIttle" People of America of ALL Our hard earned taxpaying dollars????HUH??? Today's report says Americas "tax base" expanded from 47% to 43% that means 4% more Americans will now have to cough-up more shrinking tax dollars to Uncle Sam Is there any reporting of this on all MSM? CRICKETS. People, the "collective" is expanding, you have been officially recruited (like it or not) into the "new soviet!" Pray. Amen. IRS,NSA, and all surveillance has one common thread.. ensnare, corral and subjugate ALL OF We The "little" People American taxpaying pubiic into willing "collective" participants. For Christ sakes, America WAKE-UP!!! Join a Tea Party.
33 weeks ago
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As usual, the little people are the last to find out what they've been paying for, and usually the first to die for those clowns in charge during the work place violence. Going postal has obviously morphed into doing forts, embassies, and the pentagon. Reportedly defense secretary Gates did tell CIA director Brennan to shut the f...up: loose lips sinks ships and all that sort of arcane stuff like actually identifying your enemy in war and killing them with extreme prejudice. However, I suspect those "enemies," and our friends who are the enemies of our enemies and thus our friends, were probably in the know before Snowden somehow failed to appear on the surveillance state's total digital intelligence network and spilled the beans. Maybe that intelligence failure is a synergy problem with the IRS or a wild algorithm that keys in on "minutemen" for further political audits?
33 weeks ago
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Only $53B? Snowden may have done us all a favor showing how little we are spending to better understand our enemies (and Israel) relative to the non-core functions of government.

However if Snowden could get his hands on it, the Russian and Chinese got it months ago. So maybe we are spending too much on these clowns?
33 weeks ago
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"He was not a high-level spy. He was a low-level contractor and should have been stovepiped out of access to this information."

He was a sysadmin. That's how. His job likely gave him access to systems that had the files. It's the IT equivalent of the building superintendent coming through the office and looking at documents sitting on the desk.
33 weeks ago
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The NSA is now admitting that Snowden had appropriated the digital identities of his superiors.

It was with THEIR permissions that he ran wild across the files.

He was like a custodian that kept stealing all the keys to the secured spaces.
32 weeks ago
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