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Matt Vespa


May 2, 2013 - 11:42 am

Live Action has released a new video exposing post-birth abortion (infanticide) in a new investigative video from a clinic in Arizona.  Dr. Laura Mercer, the abortionist featured in the footage details how the baby is terminated within the womb.  From the digoxin injection through the belly that stops the baby’s heart to the removal of the child, which Mercer said is commonly done in pieces, the grotesque nature of late-term abortion, like those performed by Kermit Gosnell and LeRoy Carhart, is made explicitly clear.  Mercer said the remains are taken to a funeral home to be cremated.  The ashes are then distributed in the desert.

The chilling part of the video is that Mercer, by law, is required to tell the Live Action investigator that her child is “about eight inches from the top of its head to its buttocks, it has a beating heart, fingers, toes, and it can make spontaneous movements.”  So, it’s a person, but Mercer said that at 24 weeks – “it doesn’t look like a baby yet.”

As the investigator continues to press Mercer on the physical characteristics of her child, Mercer nonchalantly tells her ” I don’t want you to torture yourself [about it.]”  If labor occurs during the two-day procedure, Dr. Mercer instructs the investigator to not seek outside medical help.

Dr. Mercer: No, call us first…if you showed up in an average emergency room with an emergency room physician who’s not a gynecologist, probably has never seen or done a termination, they will treat you as though you are somebody with a desired pregnancy…

Investigator: So they would basically like try to take care of it.

Dr. Mercer: Right they would intervene and do all kinds of crazy things that you don’t need tohave done to you…

The video gets more disturbing as Linda, a counselor at the clinic, tells the investigator that they could abort her child without the digoxin injection.  Yet, that would take longer, and the baby could be moving as they’re extracting it from the womb.  Linda even admits that sometimes the babies are alive.  However, Linda assures the investigator that  it doesn’t mean the baby “will come out whole” since they use suction and various instruments to kill the baby.  The investigator asks what would happen if her child comes out whole – would they resuscitate it?  Linda cooly responds, “no.”

Full report can be found here.

Full video can be found here.

Linda: Sometimes they are [alive], yeah. But it doesn’t–it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out whole. ‘Cause they use suction, plus they use instruments so sometimes the fetuses don’t come out–you know, it’s not complete…

Investigator: But if it does come out whole…I mean, are–will they resuscitate it? Like, will I have to take care of it?

Linda: Uh-uh… No… They do not resuscitate.

Matt Vespa is a web editor at and occasional writer for Hot Air, RedState, and Townhall Magazine.

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I am adopted and therefore know that there is no such thing as an unwanted baby. Also, my first grandchild was stillborn and I can tell you that the child I rocked in the nursery at the hospital was a beautiful baby, not a "fetus". How can a doctor spend all those years in training, take an oath to "do no harm" and then be so cruel as Dr. Mercer?
1 year ago
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" Mercer said the remains are taken to a funeral home to be cremated. The ashes are then distributed in the desert."

Why do that? They never did that for my wisdom teeth. They didn't do it for my wife's appendix. The didn't do it to my mother's tumor or my dad's gallbladder.

Why cremate a bunch of unwanted cells? Why scatter the ashes? Anyone on the pro-choice side have a logically consistent answer for me?
1 year ago
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That ashes thing jumped out at me as well. Very, very telling.
1 year ago
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There comes a point during the gestational period when the law requires that deceased babies bodies must be handled by a funeral home. At twenty-four weeks a child that passed away by means other than abortion would be considered stillborn vs. miscarried. Dr. Tiller would go to great lengths to sell parents funeral services for their aborted babies. I suspect he did so to a) make money and b) humanize himself. In my opinion it takes a special kind of warped parent or abortionist to "honor" a child that the parent and abortionist murdered.
1 year ago
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