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Matt Vespa


April 29, 2013 - 10:11 am

Live Action has released its second video exposing infanticide in America.  This time we’re in the DC area. In the video, the Live Action investigator, who is 24 weeks pregnant, visited a clinic, and asked what would happen if her baby happened to be born alive – or survive – the procedure.  In the video, Dr. Cesare Santangelo says that he would let the child to die.

‘Technically – you know, legally we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive.  But, you know, it probably wouldn’t.  It’s all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point.  Let’s say you went into labor, the membranes ruptured, and you delivered before we got to the termination part of the procedure here, you know?  Then we would do things – we would – we would not help it.  We wouldn’t intubate.  It would be, you know, uh, a person, a terminal person in the hospital, let’s say, that had cancer, you know?  You wouldn’t do any extra procedures to help that person survive.  Like ‘do not resuscitate’ orders.  We would do the same things here.’

In a press release today:

Live Action President Lila Rose called the practices “illegal and inhuman” and charged that they are a violation federal law – namely, the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.

“It is clear from our investigation that the horrors revealed during the Kermit Gosnell trial are not exclusive to that clinic.  Our videos expose the truly gruesome, illegal, and inhuman practices going on inside many of America’s abortion clinics.  Our investigation reveals that these inhuman practices are just another day at the office for abortionists and their staff.  By making the killing of our weakest children their profession, these doctors, nurses, counselors, and staff make a mockery of medicine and the Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm.’ These children deserve our protection, not the ignorance that allows these atrocities to continue.”

Yesterday, Live Action released a video ( of a Bronx, NY abortion counselor who described how a born-alive baby would be placed in a jar of toxic “solution” to ensure death.  The videos are part of Live Action’s six-month undercover investigation shedding light on the illegal, inhuman, and gruesome practices of numerous clinics throughout the country.

Cesare Santengelo is a leading abortionist in the DC area.



Matt Vespa is a web editor at and occasional writer for Hot Air, RedState, and Townhall Magazine.

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But . . . but . . . I'm sure that these other clinics are CLEANER than Gosnell's! That counts for something right? The little tykes die a clean death, see?
1 year ago
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Ezekiel 16:20

America, and the rest of this world are going to have an increase in storms, floods, droughts,earthquakes, and divisions among people for turning to false gods, as well as refusing G-d's love.

These last three years are testement.
1 year ago
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Here's a fun experiment we should try.

Take these videos and edit them so that every reference to "fetus" or "baby" is replaced with the word "puppy" or "kitten". Release the edited video on youtube as an expose' of pet breeders getting rid of excess stock.

Anyone doubt the left would suddenly see this conduct as barbaric, outrageous and criminal? Anyone doubt they'd be calling for this man's head on a pike?
1 year ago
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x2, even some trees and bushes are off limits...
1 year ago
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