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Patrick Reddy


January 31, 2012 - 6:10 pm

1) For Newt Gingrich to compete in February and March, he’ll have to do better with women: he only lost men by 5 pints, but lost women by 22.
2) Florida is not really a Southern state: over 70% of GOP voters and over 80% of all voters were born outside the South. If he can get back on track, Newt will win Alabama, Georgia, Miss, etc.
3) Romney’s strong showing in the suburbs of Florida bodes well for the long run.
4) Romney carried the votes of those who were either “moderate” or “somewhat conservative” by over 20 points. Newt won those “very conservative” voters by 43-29%.
5) Romney appears to be establishing a Center-Right coalition. That’s a winning formula for everywhere but the Deep South.

Patrick Reddy is a political consultant and co-author of California After Arnold. He is now writing 21st Century America: How Suburbanites, Immigrants and High Tech Voters Will Choose Our Presidents.
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