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Roger L. Simon

Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemy

July 27th, 2014 - 9:36 pm


Barack Obama is apparently very angry with Bibi Netanyahu.

We have known for some time, via hot mike and other methods, that neither he nor his secretary of State much care for the Israeli prime minister. But — perhaps exacerbated by a multiplicity of foreign and domestic policy failures, plus atrocious poll numbers, one this weekend showing Romney beating him handily were the election held today — Obama seemed more irked than usual.

He needed someone to beat up since the world was beating him up. And the Israelis had just hugely embarrassed his secretary of State (and by extension him) by pointing out their absurd bias in favor of Hamas in ceasefire negotiations, so absurd in fact that they outraged even Israel’s most famous liberal/left politician, Tzipi Livni, who would normally do almost anything for a chance for peace. (Ironically, the details of the pro-Hamas negotiations in which Israeli security concerns — the tunnels, demilitarization, etc. — were ignored were exposed by Barak Ravid in Israel’s most liberal newspaper, Haaretz.)

Further, they had outraged the Egyptians, who were dumped from the negotiations by Obama and Kerry in favor of Turkey and Qatar. Our administration seems to have a preference for the more extreme Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood societies, although you would think, given their professed loyalty to women’s and gay rights, these cultures would be anathema to them. Never mind. Obama is an equal opportunity narcissist and everything’s fine, unless you cross him.

Which, according to sources in Israel, is where Netanyahu found himself when the American president called Sunday to admonish him about Gaza. Obama reportedly used or implied the threat of withholding the resupply of weapons — don’t know if this includes the Iron Dome itself — if Israel didn’t fall into line and stop attacking Gaza immediately.

What Obama is doing, in effect, is saving Hamas. It’s almost mind boggling to think, but it’s true.

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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the true political leader of the free world would be holding office in Jerusalem, and not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - at least in my lifetime.

I weep that my country has grown so weak, so quickly, after offering so much to so many.

And it makes me ashamed that I could do nothing about it.
31 weeks ago
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You know, I am always astounded by the lack of street smarts displayed the media.
For instance, on July 15 the Obama Administration sells $11billion worth of arms to Qatar.
Qatar, that is the worlds largest financial supporter of terrorism, the largest financial supporter of Hamas and Al Qaida.

Two weeks later, John Kerry is meeting with Qatar regarding Gaza.

Qatar, a country with 300,000 citizens, Wahabi fundamentalists all, now will decide the fate of Israel?

Just how much is two percent of $11 billion dollars? . How about five percent?

How much is an unconditional cease fire worth to Qatar ? Allowing their clients terror organization to rearm.

There is a lot of money flying around and in Chicago you grab with both hands.

Just how big a cinderblock has to fall on the main stream media before they put two and two together?
31 weeks ago
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We will survive Obama. The real question is will America survive Obama. There is no country more damaged by this pandering brainless oaf than the United States. Running from fundraiser to fundraiser, never interested in the well being of those that elected him, Obama continues to be in over is head. Everything Obama touches turns to garbage. Every plan of Obama results in disaster.
One day we can be sure the truth will come out. The hidden bank accounts, the payoffs from Qatar and Soros. The drug abuse and fraudulent use of taxpayer monies. The deceptions, lies and corruption will one day come to light.
When Obama is no longer President he will join the long line of hucksters, and petty thieves that plague American politics with his snout firmly planted up the back side of whomever offers him the biggest payoff. Never has a man of lower moral character sat in the Oval Office.
31 weeks ago
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Israel will prevail and the entire set of nations around it will disappear like the wind that blows in the Sahara will see

27 weeks ago
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Knowing the Grid copy of the ISIS video now on PJM is essential to caring Americans and civilized people in 2014.
When pausing it in disgust and despair, perhaps it would be wise to look up the words in the sub-titles as they also how how much of sunni versus shiite centuries old savagery remains.
[Yes, I donated to, now knowing of it as I have WWP, VFW, DAV, Fisher House et all here.]
30 weeks ago
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78% of the Jewish vote went to Barack Hussein Obama, now clearly an enabler of radicals who would piously exterminate every living Jew. Go figure.
30 weeks ago
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Israel - Uses rockets to protect their citizens
Gaza - Uses citizens to protect their rockets.

It really is that simple of an equation to work out which side to support.
We are witnessing the decline of the American empire after 40 years of leftist ideology permeating society
30 weeks ago
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Idk, Roger.

The ONLY Obama would and could 'boggle my mind' is if he'd been honest and provided:

1. I'm obviously a crummy athlete. From my skipping ceremonial 1st pitches to home plate, shooting 2-22 in front of children as well as my glass lip requiring stitches, my terrible bowling and golf swing/ mulligan-heavy golf game, riding a girly bike wearing stone washed straight leg jeans to my shooting ground squirrels & NOT skeets in the skeet shooting pic etc.,

2. Here's my grades & thesis. Yes I was a C+ student in the Hawaii prep school & fared NO better in my undergrad, grad & Law Schools, respectively. I'd been accepted into the Ivy's merely because of the devolving-like EEO/ AA program & my being 1/2 Black. Though you've thought I'm Shaka Zulu the way I lie constantly in when purporting to be, 'African American'.

My thesis, again yes it reflects the scribblings of an extremely underwhelming person.

3. Here's the list of clients I'd had the NY minute I was a practicing lawyer. The lot of them are downright unsavory, despicable people.

4. I'm in politics solely for the money. I couldn't care less about this or that group. This nationality, melanin group etc.,

It's easy money..

5. I'm an anti-Semite, plain and simple. Sure I'll read my tele prompt about our support for our M E ally. Though really, everyone knows I despise Bibi and his countrymen/ women.

The Khalidi tape once viewed showed my yucking it up & yes, praising an unrepentant terrorist apologist. Khalidi is still in Colombia's employ and I will do what I can to see he get's 86'd & not hired at ANY university, CC, JC or otherwise.

5. My national economic & M E policies are dreadful. Reason being is I'm an economic know-nothing schooled in Keynesian economics and have NEVER balanced anything. Even a checkbook.. it's too complicated.

I thought I'd get busted for giving my wife Michelle a nearly 200% raise, ~ 25% of a $1 million stipend for the very hospital she worked at, but nada happened!

Or we'd get pinched when Michelle left the 'job', which she merely turned away vulnerable poor, old would-be hospital patients and get them a ride to another hospital & they'd gotten rid of her job altogether afterward!

6. I did what I did and gotten away, yes gotten away with what I did because the majority of U.S. citizens are emotionally led, selective amnesia, pick and choose fact checkers when it comes to supposedly Democratic/ Liberal politician's.

That and MANY more mea cupolas would shock me.

Sadly the dunce in the WH doesn't shock nor impress me in the slightest.
30 weeks ago
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"What Obama is doing, in effect, is saving Hamas. It’s almost mind boggling to think, but it’s true."

He's doing this while he knows he's way down in the polls and is thus desperately trying to get enough money together to swamp low info voters with his propaganda and etc. before November -- and knowing that what he's doing goes against what the overwhelming majority of Americans want him to do.

What do you think he'll do after November when there will be no holds barred?

30 weeks ago
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In Leaked Tape, Hostile Obama Tries to Force PM to Accept Truce

US president markedly unfriendly, interrupted prime minister as he attempted to push unfavorable truce on Israel.

It gets uglier if you read he entire text!
30 weeks ago
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Vesparado (below) made a comment asking what folks outside of Israel could do to help in a material way. I include part of my reply, in the event that other readers may also be interested in choosing the Good in this battle with a personification of Evil:

"... One worthy charity is Friends Of The IDF (FIDF), FIDF sponsors projects analogous to USO, Wounded Warriors and other programs similar to those which do such great work for U.S military troops and dependents. FIDF also has a program which aids "lone soldiers", new immigrants who are serving in the IDF but whose families are overseas and also IDF soldiers who are citizens of other countries but who have volunteered to serve a tour with IDF. They have a tough time as the IDF is something of a commuter army. Many IDF troops can go home on weekend leave by traveling an hour or two For soldiers with nowhere to go this can be tough so FIDF and other organizations try to help .

US medical and emergency workers can actually volunteer to go to Israel and lend their skills for a few weeks, Many US emergency responders are there now, both Jewish and non-Jewish".

Vesparado's considerate question was in reply to this post:
'A person I trust posted the following on a local Jewish e-board in NJ. She advised that it is from an IDF solider presently serving in Gaza:

"What's happening here in the staging area [area where soldiers prepare to enter Gaza] is beyond comprehension, not rationally, not emotionally and begs the imagination.

Almost every hour a car shows up overflowing with food, snacks, cold drinks, socks, underwear, undershirts, hygiene supplies, wipes, cigarettes, backgammon and more. They're coming from the North and the Center, from manufacturers, from companies and private businesses, from prisons, Chareidim and Settlers, from Tel Aviv and even Saviyon.

Every intersection on they way down here we get stopped, not by the police, but be residents giving out food. What is amazing is that the entire situation wasn't organized and everyone is coming on their own without coordination between the folks coming.

They're writing letters and blessings, how they're thinking of us all the time. There are those who spent hours making sandwiches, so they're as perfect and comforting as possible.

Of course representatives of Chabad are here to help soldiers put on Tefillin and distributing Cha'Ta'Ts (Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya) for every troop transport and Breslov are showing up to the border and dancing with the soldiers with great joy.

The Chareidim are coming from their yeshivot to ask the names of the soldiers with their mothers' names so that the whole yeshiva can pray for them. It should be mentioned that all of this is done under the threat of the terrorist tunnels and rockets in the area.
Soroka Hospital (in Be'er Sheva) today looks like a 5 star hotel. A wounded friend who was recently discharged told us how the MasterChef truck is parked outside and is preparing food for the wounded.

It goes without saying the amount of prayer services that are going on. On the religious front as well, there are lectures and Torah classes, all the food is obviously Kosher. Shachrit, Mincha, and Maariv with Sifrei Torah. They're giving out tzitzit and Tehilim by the hundreds. It's become the new fashion! The Rabbi of Maglan [Special Forces unit] told me that almost the entire unit has started wearing them, because the Army Rabbinate has been giving out tzitzit that wick away sweat. They're gaining both a Mitzva and a high quality undershirt. We've started calling them "Shachpatzitzti" (a portmanteau of the Hebrew term for body armor and tzitzit). We're having deep conversations late into the night without arguments, without fights and we find ourselves agreeing on most stuff.

We're making lots of jokes at Hamas's expensive and without politics. There's lots more to add but my battery is running low and the staff has been requesting someone give a class on Likutei MoharaN (Breslov).

How happy is the nation that is like this."'
30 weeks ago
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All Israel has to do is to start blaming any deaths from rocket fire on the fact that they ran out of Iron Dome rockets because Obama refused to provide help. How would that play in New York or Miami when it becomes known that Israelis are dying because Obama refuses to support Israel?
30 weeks ago
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when I am stronger and a person picks on me, there comes a point that much like the u-tube video of the bigger boy body slamming the smaller bully to the ground, such action is needed to stop the bully.

So I don't consider anyone my friend that says I should just accept being poked jabbed, punched and not respond with enough force to stop the bully.

and israel doesn't need a friend that tells them that they should have a truce and negotiate with a group that wants israel destroyed.
30 weeks ago
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