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Susan L.M. Goldberg


August 17, 2014 - 9:00 am
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11. A conscious awareness of God is intrinsic to human nature.

Tara Brach recently told the story of a four year old who was excited to have alone time with his new baby sister. When he finally got to the side of her crib, he asked her, “Tell me what heaven is like. I’m starting to forget.” If we didn’t have a conscious awareness of God, we wouldn’t be striving so hard to find Him in everything from houses of worship to fictional characters on the big screen. Don’t let atheists fool you; they might not believe in a God in the sky, but they’re worshiping something, nevertheless, whether its money, power, or simply themselves.

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All Comments   (6)
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Judaism doesn’t permit graven images and yet it apparently permits strawmen, preferring to make false comparisons and raging about things that don't exist.
You know, every time you bring up Catholicism, you betray an amazing level of ignorance. Or maybe you purposely do not care about what Catholic teaching really is?
2 days ago
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--Judaism doesn’t permit graven images, which is why Christianity, especially Catholicism, never made very much sense to Jews. --

Would Judaism permit a statue of William Penn or Abraham Lincoln or a bas-relief of Moses with the 10 Commandments (for irony assume the Jewish/Protestant with the specific prohibition of graven images) on the side of a building?
9 weeks ago
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The text bans "making for yourself", not possession or "having made for yourself". I am not being flippant. As soon as you say my interpretation is incorrect, you are setting yourself up as an interpreter who, while your interpretation is not the literal scriptural text, represents that your words must be taken as if they were on a par with the scripture itself since you have gone so far as to denounce a religion as a matter of said personal interpretation. That strikes me as false and proud.

However, I too, have an interpretation. The difference is that I am not going to denounce a religion if a practitioner of it disagrees.

The text means that all images, not just graven images - but what other kind of images would suit as lasting objects of worship to a people constantly on the move - even the ten commandments were graven (words of course). Images were banned as obects of worship. This is implied by the banning of idols in the same text. Neither carved representations nor engraved representations of anything in heaven, on earth, or in the waters beneath the earth. The parallel construction of idols (whose specific purpose is worship) with graven images implies that these representations are banned as objects of worship but neither statues nor graven images are banned in general.
2 days ago
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Are you saying William Penn, Abraham Lincoln, or Moses are God?
9 weeks ago
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No, but then neither is a statue of Jesus.

8 weeks ago
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