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35 Reasons Why Walter Hudson Is The Gen-X Dennis Prager

Don't miss this new collection of compelling culture commentaries and provocative podcasts from a rising star.

Walter Hudson


May 3, 2014 - 10:00 am
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Editor’s Note: I’ve written about what a big influence Dennis Prager has been on me and PJ Lifestyle. I have his show on the radio most mornings while editing and his approach emphasizing the importance of talking about issues well beyond politics including pop culture, religion, male-female relationships, and the big questions of life has influenced the scope of subjects covered at PJ Lifestyle, infusing a diverse range of perspectives. The Prager blend of high-minded, challenging subject matter is only half of the formula. His warm, inviting personality and straight forward presentation make important issues accessible. His show, books, and nonprofit Prager University each model important aspects of what activists and cultural creators should be doing to try and restore this country. Especially important: reach out beyond the conservative choir to people who don’t agree with you. Reframe and recreate arguments in new ways and get beyond just politics — the issues lie much deeper than ideology.

Walter Hudson is a gifted writer-activist I’ve gotten to know the past few years whose work reinvents this inspirational approach for the new media era. In both writing and in his podcast Walter uses culture and creativity to transcend the typical Left vs Right boilerplate arguments. He’s fun to read and listen to and offers fresh arguments with wit and warmth.

Check out Walter Hudson’s podcast Monday-Friday here at PJ Lifestyle and stop by on weekends to get caught up on any you may have missed. Each Saturday we’ll expand this compilation updating it with the newest episodes. In this week’s installment I’ve decided to expand it to include links to some of his articles too, both recent commentaries and his first greatest hits collection published last weekend.

What would you like to hear Walter discuss in future podcasts? Do you have any challenges to his ideas? Please leave you suggestions in the comments. -Dave Swindle

5 Compelling Cultural Commentaries From the Past Few Weeks:

1. Star Wars Casting: Is Disney Pulling a Jedi Mind Trick?

2. Lucasfilm to Partially Reboot Star Wars

3. Captains for Clinton: William Shatner’s 2016 Endorsement

4. Feminist Says Actress Kirsten Dunst Too ‘Dumb’ to Have an Opinion on Gender

5. Seven Ways Noah Turns the Bible Upside Down



20 Podcasts on Culture, Religion, Values, and Tea Party Activism

1. ‘Shelter In Place’ or Lay Down and Die?

2. Christianity’s Contribution to Progressive Politics

3. Who Owns Compassion in Politics?

4. Is Jeb Bush Right on Immigration?

5. Don’t Fear the Future (Interview with Bonnie Ramthun)

6. Making Racism Impotent

7. The Danger of Utopia

8. What Is ‘The Right’ Anyway? (Part 1 of a dialogue with Dave Swindle)

9. Anarchists Among Us (Part 2 with Dave Swindle)

10. Battling for the Conservative Soul (Part 3 concluding with Dave Swindle)

11. We’re All Minorities Now

12. Daring to Be Different

13. Sotomayor’s Confused Dissent in Affirmative Action Case

14. One Issue to Rule Them All (Interview with Minnesota State House candidate Matthew Kowalski)

15. What If Your Neighbor Acted Like Government?

16. The Establishment Strikes Back

17. Peasants Fined for Hunting the King’s Deer

18. Then They Came for the Porn Stars

19. Why Did the Founding Fathers Create the Electoral College?

20. Why Did the Founding Fathers Create the Electoral College? Part II


10 of Walter Hudson’s Greatest Hits:

1. March 2, 2012:

American Immaturity: How We Grow Up After We Grow Old

2. May 9, 2013:

Walter Hudson’s Guide For Making Peace Between Christians and Objectivists

3. April 18, 2013:

The Anti-Gospel of Bioshock Infinite 

4. July 17, 2012:

Eight Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism and the Only Way to Thwart It

5. July 6, 2013:

The Red Placebo: Confessions of a Former Conspiracy Dabbler

6. July 13, 2013:

Folly of the Jedi

7. January 29, 2013:

Five Ideas You Need to Rise From Poverty to the Middle Class

8. January 31, 2012

Hunkered Between Santorum and Paul Lies Peace Through Total War

9. September 2, 2013:

Six Ways Activists Sabotage Their Cause

10. March 7, 2013:

Five Tips for Coming Out as a Black Conservative

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Or the Gen-X Curly Howard.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
This is an insult to one of our day's finest thinkers.

Walter Hudson is reasonably decent writer, but he's nowhere in Prager's league.

This smells of PJM marketing, nothing more.

Clumsy marketing, at that.

43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
I don't think Prager would take it as an insult. Who in Generation X would you compare to Prager, then? Who in their 30s, creating content for the internet not on a full time basis, would you say is doing work in any way comparable to Prager's?

I'm not saying that Walter is in Prager's "league" I am saying that the effect of his writing and editing is similar to Prager's -- getting beyond the typical Right vs Left to welcome in the apolitical.

"This smells of PJM marketing, nothing more."

No, this is me earnestly trying to encourage you to take a look at my friend, one of the best writers online. Not a "reasonably decent writer." The content linked in the post demonstrates it.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
"Who in Generation X would you compare to Prager, then? Who in their 30s, creating content for the internet not on a full time basis, would you say is doing work in any way comparable to Prager's?"

Nobody that I can think of. Certainly not Walter Hudson.

Why do you assume that such a person must exist? Your illogic is breathtaking.

But thank you for clearly demonstrating the depth of your wading pool.

PJM is not in good hands.

43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Thanks for your feedback.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
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