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What To Do About the War on Women

Conservative women debate feminism: Susan L.M. Goldberg Vs Leslie Loftis, Part V.

Leslie Loftis


December 20, 2013 - 11:00 am
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Part I, by Leslie Loftis on November 14: Can We Rebrand Feminism?

Part II, by Susan L.M. Goldberg on November 20: Feminism Doesn’t Need Re-Branding, It Needs a Revolution

Part III, by Leslie Loftis on November 27: How to Overcome the Looming Feminist Collapse

Part IV, by Susan L.M. Goldberg on December 3: Brains Not Boobs: Re-Formulating for Feminist Success

Continuing the “What To Do About Feminism” series, I’m with Susan that we should aim to secure equal education for women, to be followed by equal opportunities. To that end, the video embedded above should  be what modern feminism does.

Frankly, my root point in this whole series is that women still need to fight and women of the Right will have to be the ones to do it, feminist label not withstanding. This isn’t new. Susan linked to an insightful Camille Paglia article from 2008 about how feminist history has insufficiently acknowledged how much it owes to capitalism, the industrial revolution, and religion. Until the 1970s, it was a diverse movement. Any call to embrace feminism’s powerful history, must recognize that it was effective when it was diverse, and furthermore — how it was diverse — with women on the Right.

Feminism is all but dead now because when Gloria Steinem and her acolytes took over the movement in the 70s and expelled the Right, they ironically turned modern feminists from pro-woman to pro-man. Regardless of what they say against men or for women, they implicitly accept that the man’s ways are the better ways. We can see this in the “lean in” professional pressure to keep a man’s career timeline and our preference for beat-’em-up heroines. We ape men and then claim that we do it better.

That’s what reproductive control absolutism is about, negating biology so we can live like men. Even if one doesn’t think it foolish, it can’t be done. And I worry that the alliterative “brains, not boobs” buys into a little of this biology denial. We can and should stress education and opportunity, but we will always be at the mercy of our biology. The Mary Wollstonecraft who Susan quoted for the proposition that women only seek control over themselves? She died in childbirth. Control over ourselves will only come with knowledge and acceptance of our biology. As Camille Paglia put it in a passage I can’t currently place, any higher education women’s study program should require at least a course in female endocrinology. So in Susan’s “brains, not boobs” terms, I submit a more inclusive and realistic, brains and boobs.

I also think Susan makes a common and fundamental error about the culture wars:

The moronic War on Women has nothing to do with genitalia and everything to do with quashing the threat of female intellect. Instead of driving this point home, the right’s bullhorn is monopolized with shouts about the evils of abortion. 

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I remember 15 years ago trying to have a discussion with some young women where I stated that feminism had stopped being equal pay and opportunity for women and had become about destruction of all things male and the destruction male-female relationships. I claimed it had been hijacked by lesbians.
Their response? Oh, so you support date rape?
What? How in God's name did you get that from what I just said?
Like you said, it was a programmed response. No discussion, no rational thinking, just an attack line pulled out of thin air.
Young people have no concept how different male-female relations used to be. How much friendlier, kinder, more personal, more loving. So much has been destroyed.

1 year ago
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I had something similar happen to me. Namely, there was a student (dyes her hair pink, possibly with other colors, and is a self-confessed liberal) whom, when giving some advice to her regarding what classes she shouldn't take based on personal experience, when I mentioned a certain professor and why he was a bad teacher, she basically accused me of being a misogynist just because I expressed disgust with his support for free sex, second-wave feminism, and his telling us that Christianity invented Misogyny (yes, he actually said that), and basically said that she will take his class. I eventually tried to tell her I respected Susan B Anthony's brand of second-wave feminism, but then stopped when I realized it probably wouldn't even matter to her. Oh, and get this, she sometimes wears a shirt that basically says that "Jesus loves the freaks."

Richard Palmer, the Chaucer professor in question, was just one of these professors, BTW. I also had to suffer under Heather Lucas, who bashed Christianity and Males (which is despite her being a former Catholic), and basically implied that women couldn't even get an education, in history or anywhere else, until the 1960s rolled around, and before then it was controlled and granted education to "rich white males." Matt Dolloff, my American Lit professor, who spends his time basically stating to the entire class that he's a "tree-hugging liberal," and implies that wants to protest at an OWS rally during midterms, even made similar claims.

Honestly, just broken. Even the Bimbettes from Beauty and the Beast are a LOT more free-thinking than how things are right now. I guess what occurred with these girls are Belle's descendants. She seemed like the Disney Princess of the Left Wing, honestly, especially after my classes with Heather Lucas, at the very least. Feminism used to actually support them in becoming equal, but then it became misandristic, and ironically hijacked misogyny to be applied to us Christians. Heck, it even promoted pornography.

On a related note, I'm not sure we should even HAVE an education system anymore. The founding father of modern education was Jean-Jacques Rousseau (certainly, he was the father of Early Childhood Education), and guess what, that nut alongside Voltaire and the Philosophes and Encyclopaedists was also responsible for the massacre against Christians called the French Revolution, something France still hasn't recovered from as of right now, and probably won't unless we destroy all of their works, as retribution for what they did to us Christians, especially us Catholics.
1 year ago
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Correction, I meant Susan B. Anthony's brand of feminism, or first wave American feminism, though the point still stands.
1 year ago
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Make love, not war?
1 year ago
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If I remember right, that was a communist slogan written by none other than the Frankfurt School. It was nonsensical to begin with (how does having multiple amounts of sex act as an actual alternative to war? Especially when sex has in fact been involved in a lot of wars, namely that of prostitution and rapes).
1 year ago
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