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Christina Applegate: ‘It’s Not Like Sarah Palin Had a Nip Slip, It’s Madonna.’

Twitchy asks if they must drag Palin into everything...

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June 11, 2012 - 11:37 am

Madonna’s wardrobe malfunction: Christina Applegate says ‘What’s a little nip slip?’ Santorum calls it ‘sign of cultural decline’ | Twitchy.

christina applegate


Reading twitter this am and there r all these tweets about Madonna and her nipple flash. And we are shocked because…?

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She explains further.

christina applegate


What I’m saying is. Its not like Sarah Palin had a nip slip, its Madonna.

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Hey, it’s not like it was Sarah Palin! Sigh. Must they drag Sarah Palin into absolutely everything?

It seems that Madonna gave her audience a little extra something-something during a performance in Istanbul (Warning: Not safe for work nor children.) The “Material Girl” needs a bit more material for her ta-tas.

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