November 17, 2005

I DIDN'T KNOW that Richard Clarke worried that Osama would "boogie to Baghdad" if we invaded Afghanistan. Interesting. "Clarke’s opinion was based on intelligence indicating a number of contacts between al Qaeda and Iraq, including word that Saddam had offered bin Laden safe haven."

Funny that we haven't heard more about this.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Toups emails:

Of course we knew that Osama would "boogie to Bagdad"! Back in 1999, CNN reported that Saddam granted Osama bin Laden asylum.

He's right: "Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has offered asylum to bin Laden, who openly supports Iraq against the Western powers."

I don't know how much this matters now, except as a reminder that the revisionist nobody-could-imagine-Saddam-and-Al-Qaeda-in-alliance claim isn't exactly supported by the history.